About Registry

About Registry for “.网址”

The top level domain name (TLD) of “.网址” was incorporated into the Internet domain name system after entering the global root domain in April, 2014.

ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) authorized KNET to be the registry for “.网址”, marking an important step forward of China in applying for global New gTLDS.

The KNET was approved by MIIT to be the “网址”TLD registry in December, 2014, incorporating“网址” into the domain name management system of China.

With ten years exploration in the industry by the core members of KNET, close cooperation relations have been established with major registries within China, and the team participated in stipulating a series of standards for the communications industry of PRC, such as IETF International Technical Standards for Chinese Domain Name and Technological Guidelines on Domain Name System Operation.

KNET is established with funds from CNICAMC (Computer Network Information Center Asset Management Company) of Chinese Academy of Science, and it is committed to realizing industrialization of technological innovations and making the Internet more convenient, more valuable and safer.