.网址 crowning to be the largest Chinese gTLD in the world, with over 200,000

Data from the third party reveals that within five month since launch of .网址,the registration has exceeded 200,000.00, retaining its position as the largest Chinese gTLD in the world.

“The Story of .网址”was hosted by KNET to celebrate .网址 to be the largest Chinese gTLD in the world on 12th Jan, 2015.

Mao Wei, the chairman of KNET, points out in analyzing reasons for the success that .网址 itself is of great business value which conformable with Chinese users and easy to memory and spread. Both browsers at home or abroad support direct link to .网址, making it more convenient to surf online.

In addition, the innovative growth model for domain name also contributes to its success as the one-stop service combining 网址 domain name with mobile service has been acknowledged by the market, attracting enterprises to register, including well-known domestic and overseas companies and institutions.

It is known that KNET submitted application for .网址 domain name to ICANN in April, 2012. However, there was one foreign organization also applying for .网址 domain name, KNET had to bought such domain name with millions dollar after fierce competition, and such domain name was approved by MIIT in December, 2014 to be

incorporated into the domain system of China.

网址was launched in August, 2014 and the number of registered users has hit 200,000.00 within five months, turning to be a dark horse in the global market of domain name.

Song Zheng, director of ICANN Beijing Center, said that it is out of expectation that 网址 could make such a success。 The model of .网址+mobile Internet services is a novelty for development of the domain name, and he hopes that KNET could share its experience with others in the assembly of ICANN.