Notice on Limited Registration Period for “.网址”TLD

“. 网址” registry (hereinafter referred as “Registry”) declared on 2nd May, 2014 that registration of “.网址” domain name, the gTLD with greatest commercial value in the world, may be consisted of “Domain Name Registration Sunrise Period” (hereinafter referred as Sunrise Period), “Limited Registration Period” and “General Registration Period”, of which the Limited Registration Period may be scheduled as follows:

1. TheLimited Registration Period will begin at 00:00 7th July, 2014 (hereinafter referred to Beijing time) and last for 25 days, that is, ending at 23:59 31st July, 2014. During the period, the Registry will accept registration application only rather than allocating domain names.

2. The quite period of Limited Registration Period starts at 00:00 1st August, 2014, lasting for 4 day and ending at 23:59 4th August, 2014. During the period, the Registry will allocate relevant SLDs to applicants in accordance with the principle of “registration first, allocation first”.

The registration application will not be accepted by the Registry directly, and registrants should proceed with domain name registration during the Sunrise Period through the registrar authorized by ICANN and the Registry.

Registration fees for each Limited Registration Period registration should be RMB 98,000.00 a year and must be paid to the registrar in submitting applications. Once domain name is registered, registration fees would be refunded. Registrants should choose 10 years’ register expiration forLimited Registration Period.

In addition, the domain names applied for registration should conform to related policies of the Registry. Please refer to for more information.

The abovementioned information could be updated in accordance with requirements of ICANN and operation of TLD. The Registry reserved rights of explanation on the notice.