Regulations & Policies

Registry Reserved Names Policy

Reserved Names List

Registry Operator maintains a Reserved Names list consisting of names, labels or additional character strings:

· a. mandated by ICANN to be reserved or blocked ( “ICANN Requirements”);

· b. reserved under applicable laws or regulations (“Local Laws or Regulatory Requirements”); and

· c. reserved under Registry’s marketing or strategic programs (“Marketing Programs”).

Registry Operator reserves the right to add to or remove names from the Reserved Names list at its discretion, provided that such change is not inconsistent with the ICANN Requirements and the Local Laws or Regulatory Requirements.

ICANN Requirements

Unless ICANN expressly authorizes in writing, the following labels are reserved or blocked from registration:

· a. The ASCII label “EXAMPLE”.

· b. All two-character ASCII labels (including 00 to 99).

· c. Labels reserved for registry operations.

· d. Country and Territory Names.

· e. International Olympic Committee; International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

· f. Intergovernmental Organizations.

· g. Second level names blocked under ICANN’s “New gTLD Collision Occurrence Management Plan”. See the labels specified at

Additional labels or names (including their IDN variants) may be added to (e) and (g) above upon ten (10) calendar days’ notice from ICANN to Registry Operator.

Local Laws or Regulatory Requirements

China Internet Domain Name Regulations (MIIT Regulation No. 30) promulgated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of the People's Republic of China stipulate:

“Any of the following contents shall not be included in any domain name registered and used by any organization or individual:

1) Those that are against the basic principles prescribed in the Constitution;

2) Those jeopardize national security, leak state secrets, intend to overturn the government, or disrupt of state integrity;

3) Those harm national honor and national interests;

4) Those instigate hostility or discrimination between different nationalities, or disrupt the national solidarity;

5) Those violate the state religion policies or propagate cult and feudal superstition;

6) Those spread rumors, disturb public order or disrupt social stability;

7) Those spread pornography, obscenity, gambling, violence, homicide, terror or instigate crimes;

8) Those insult, libel against others and infringe other people's legal rights and interests; or

9) Other contents prohibited in laws, rules and administrative regulations.”

Accordingly, names that are deemed in violation of the Measures are blocked from registration.

Additional names (including their IDN variants) may be added upon reasonable notice from the relevant authority to Registry Operator.

Marketing Programs

Names that are reserved under a Marketing Program are considered Reserved Names. Registry Operator may allocate the Reserved Names under such Marketing Program sale or auction from time to time. Once a Reserved Name is allocated, it will be removed from the Reserved Names list.

Activation of Reserved Names

A Reserved Name may be registered and activated provided the intended registrant presents Registry Operator a letter of consent issued by the rights holder authorizing the intended registrant to register the domain name.