Service System

(1) What is “.网址”?What is its purpose?
“.网址” (Wang Zhi in Pinyin, xn—ses554g in Punycode) is a Chinese IDN TLD approved by ICANN and one of the first New gTLDs offering public registration. As the greatest top-level website resource choice for enterprises, “.网址” domain name is the unique mark of enterprises on Internet and mobile Internet, serving as the crucial intangible asset of such enterprises. Users may enter “.网址” directly to view websites wherever they are and the users of Chinese website could register Chinese domain names as “中文.网址”, making it more convenient for Chinese Internet users.
(2) What is the principle for “.网址” registration?
“.网址” registration should observe the international principle of “first come, first served”. To be fair on such basis, rights owners’ application shall be accepted first.
(3) What materials are necessary for “.网址” registration?
Domain name registrants should submit valid and true documents confirming identity to the registry; details may be referred to related registries.
In general, domain name registrants should submit in written or electronic form to the registry the following information in applying for domain name registration:
(1) Domain name applied for registration;
(2) In case applicant be a natural person, such applicant should submit such information or materials including but without limitation as ID card, name, contact address, mobile number, business license, numbers of organizing institutions and e-mail; in case applicant be an organization, such information or materials should be submitted, including but without limitation, organization name, business license, numbers of organizing institutions, address, e-mail and telephone number.
(3) Names, ID cards, addresses, e-mails and mobile numbers of applicants’ management contacts, domain name technology contacts, payment contacts and agents;
(4) Expiration of registered domain name.
(4) How to renew ".网址"?
You may contact registrars at any time before its expiration (registration term) to renew domain names after registration.
(5) How can I reclaim my ".网址" when it has been registered by others?
You may contact and negotiate with the current registrant. If you think you have the rights to the domain name, you could contact China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commissionor or Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre to reclaim through arbitration (dispute resolution procedures).
(6) How could I confirm qualification for ".网址" registration in certain provinces or cities?
Any approved .网址 resellers (ZDNS is the registrar) could be confirmed by calling 010-96002 or 400-080-0066. If you intend to register a domain name or confirm an agency's qualification for .网址 registration, you may contact the registrar's customer service team by calling the above-mentioned numbers.
(7) Can ".网址" be traded? Does it have investment value?
".网址" transaction is a market-driven behavior. All investment contains risks, so investors should be cautious to invest in .网址 and have relevant knowledge and judgment. Blind investment is not a wise choice, which may lead to failures. It is not encouraged to register .网址 solely for investment purpose. In addition, malicious registration may also bring legal risks, since in accordance with provisions of law, actions taken to gain illegal profit, register others’ trademark, enterprise name and names shall not be protected by law and may hold accountable in certain circumstances. Investors should understand the investment risks.
(8)What is WHOIS
  WHOIS isn’t an acronym, though it may look like one. In fact, it is the system that asks the question, who is responsible for a domain name or an IP address?[educational materials]
.网址 registration price
Please contact registrar for details.
Can individuals register a .网址?
How to register .网址?
.网址 registrars should be responsible for registration, please contact with your registrar.
If.网址remains“available for registration” after my inquiring, does it mean that I may register successfully?
Since more than one registrar may submit registration application to the system at the same time, if other registrars’ application is the same with you and be submitted prior to you, your application would be invalid. Please confirm with final results.
How to alter registration information and transfer or cancel .网址?
Please contact with your registrar for details.
How to transfer .网址?
Transfers should be initiated by a registrar. Please contact your registrar.
How to judge whether .网址 is registered by malicious actions?
Whether certain registered .网址constitutes malicious registration should be judged by dispute settlement agencies or court dealing with such disputes. Both .网址 registry and .网址 registrar are not entitled or qualified to judge whether there is subjective malicious intention registration application. The registry and registrar may only review whether .网址 registration application against related prohibitions or check whether limited characters may pose threat to public interests and rights.